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1. Can I start a company, although I do not live in the founding country?

Yes. We are establishing all the necessary items. It does neither you nor your nationality, place of residence play a role.

2. Do I need to start up or later appear in person at the founding country?

No. You can sit back comfortable. We will handle all formalities for you. This means you can start up a company without leaving your desk too.

3. Must I really pay no capital?

No. All our companies are based on constellations of shares, the English Limited. But since only one shares must be subscribed in order to become active, is here only an investment of approximately U.S. $ 1 is necessary.

4. Am I protected from personal liability?

Yes. If you transact business on the company is liable only to society. A liability-through to the manager, such as that found is customary in Germany, is largely excluded.

5. Threatens me in case of bankruptcy trade ban?

No. If you suffer with your company really shipwrecked, you can start the very next day a new society.

6. How can I best protect my assets?

By founding a society which accepts only the management of your assets. All values are overwritten by this company. Because the company carries out any other activities that may arise to any claims against this company. Thus, your values are at best possible protection. Note, however, that this protection is guaranteed only if the company is not used for other transactions.

7. Can a foreign company to open an office in my home country?

Yes. You will receive the foundation documents an Apostille in accordance with the Hague Convention, which are accepted worldwide by nearly every nation. In most cases, it is acting more favorable tax only on the foundation land.

8. What business can I operate with a foreign company?

Almost all of them. The companies are founded with the widest possible range of activities. Specifically, this means that the company may not engage in any lawful activity in the founding country without further authorization requirement. Limitations, there are really only for banking or insurance activities. For you, this means that you must apply to any business expansion, no new applications, but can exercise the new activity from today to tomorrow.

9. What qualifications are required of me?

None. You have to show any special skills, training or other qualifications. The e.g. in Germany are the usual master's certificates in any case needed.

10. What does offshore?

Offshore It means a flat tax. The example of a Samoan society which means you pay annually 500, - U.S. $ in lump sum taxes and must pay no more taxes, not table and show no record keeping. That is, it will also eliminate the retention period for documents. But here you must note that this situation will only work properly if no office exists in your home country.

11. How do I avoid inheritance tax or land transfer taxes?

By preconnecting a company. The company holds the assets or properties, and in case of inheritance or sale of the property is passed only the company. Although the whole works with a German limited liability company, shall be subject to the preconnecting a Limited or Incorporated only a fraction of the LLC-an expense.

12. Do I need to submit a tax return?

For offshore companies not in "normal" companies such as Limited English already. The return must then e.g. be made in England. Our customers, we'd like to recommend a tax advisor in Germany, which provide the necessary formalities for you.

13. Where do I pay taxes on my winnings?

When you set up a subsidiary in Germany, it may be necessary that this branch also gives a tax return. In your home country taxed profits must be established in the country, of course, be taxed no more.

14. What does anonymity?

When you order an anonymous foundation of the company, we are depending on the country the Founding Director) (Managing Director) and / or shareholders (shareholder. In this way, it is not understandable for third parties to whom the company really belongs, or who is authorized to sign for the company. You will receive in this case, of course, all powers to work fully with the company to be able to.

15. What services are included in the listed prices?

Basically, all state-required positions and a Firmenkit. The company is prepared for the indicated price fully functioning.

16. Will I be supported even after the company was established yet?

Of course. Our house will advise you before and after the creation happy in all business matters does not constitute legal or tax (). In addition, we assist our clients in search of tax consultants and lawyers. We will make every effort to ensure the best possible care and even years after founding the company are still happy to help.