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1. Validity of these Terms and Conditions

All of our Internet services, and in brochures and pamphlets provided information and services are all subject to these terms and conditions.

2. Contract

All of our Internet services, and in brochures and pamphlets described services are non-binding. A contract comes into effect with the billing. The Kaufmann property of the purchaser / client is required.

Contractor is the e | m s | Consulting Limited & Co. KG (Trade Leipzig HRA 14210) subject to these terms and conditions appropriate to their commitments, the e | m s | Consulting Limited & Co. KG to each customer to amount of EUR 10,000.00 selbstschuldnerisch vouches.

With the extension of long-lasting benefits (for example, registered office) of the performance period will begin following the previously booked service period.

The customer is obliged to provide us with changes to its postal and / or e-mail address immediately. To in your e-mail address dispatched e-mails are sent as a.

3. Retention of title

Unless otherwise agreed, payments are due to us upon receipt of the invoice, it provided no services before payment. The ownership of the created or acquired over us in our societies, we reserve the right to the extent not expressly waived by us until full payment of our services before. Incoming payments are allocated in doubt, in ascending order of the bills - or within an account of the individual invoice items -.

4. Caveat emptor

Although we provide our services with utmost care, we are only liable for intent and gross negligence, and - if legally permissible - limited to the predictable to us, direct and contract-average damage, but not exceeding five times the value of the contract or in continuous obligations of the customer to be paid salary. This limit does not apply to injuries to life, limb and health of the client.

Moreover, we can not guarantee:

a) be provided for services through us, but provided by third parties;

b) for timeliness and accuracy of our internet sites and in brochures and pamphlets contained information. Liability claims against us, which was caused by the use or disuse of the information, are excluded;

c) for the legal safety of the company names of our shelf companies, particularly in respect to any aspect of competition law and rights of third parties;

d) for the content of third party sites is connected to the internet from our supply a link.

5. Privacy and data

The information transmitted to us personal or business data (email addresses, names are used, addresses) only for purposes related to the services that we offer, and are not diverted to other parties.

6. Legal Notices

Please note that we are no legal or tax advice and offer yourself any of these services. All information with legal and fiscal rules that are passed by us, in no event be regarded as legal or tax advice. If this is necessary, necessary to use a lawyer or accountant. The information provided by us and links, and any forms provided by us or contract is not legal advice dar. Such forms or contracts are merely samples and not in each application. There are are no guarantees or commitments regarding the applicability, accuracy, completeness or reliability of any information, links, forms or contracts. The specific features of a situation occurring may require arrangements that are not regulated in forms or contracts. The legal situation in each country is different and subject to permanent changes that can only reliably determine a local lawyer or accountant. The hiring and transfer of such information from our company is therefore not a substitute for legal or tax advice. We assume no responsibility for any damage that might from the use or disclosure of such information arise. We accept no start-ups which deals only in the broadest sense with weapons, drugs, sex, racism, fascism or violent media. The presented business opportunities, responsibilities and services do not constitute a solicitation or support money laundering or tax evasion, and should not do so. The ownership of the reader to the taxation of its existing or its assets is to be generated and can not be negated.

7. Final Provisions

(If n) one or more provisions of these terms and conditions wholly or partially invalid, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in their content and their validity. In place of the ineffective regulation retroactively those same rules as the content, which approximates the economic purpose of the original provision.

The transfer of shares by foreign legal subject to the laws of each country's founding. Otherwise, German law applies to the exclusion of private international law, jurisdiction is Leipzig.