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An IBC (International Business Company) An offshore company can operate from most places in the world. It can be operated by a country other than the one in which it is situated. An IBC is exempt company and anonymous to 100%. An IBC company is often used as an investment, trading or holding company.

An IBC is a classical company, handles the transactions with customers or suppliers outside the country in which the company has its head office, but can be controlled from any country in the world. Therefore, an IBC is also known as international trading company. An IBC usually does not pay taxes, which is why such companies are often used as an investment or holding company.

We have the Central American Belize selected as the starting point for our client companies formed, but can also offer many other places. IBC companies in Belize have the advantage that they are part of the British Commonwealth, so they can drive as with England and Cyprus, and with most EU countries trade. An IBC may also conclude contracts with an English Ltd.-Company in relation to trade and distribution of revenues. Taxes may be the result of British society are minimized. Another advantage is that Belize is not like some other states is listed on the blacklist of the OECD.

An IBC offshore company can do with a few exceptions, all types of business. Not possible, for example, from owning property in Belize and own a business in Belize IBC Company generally pays no taxes and an accounting is in most cases, therefore, not required.

An IBC is good for international trade, investment and equity, asset management and security, yacht and boat registrations, and for the possession of intangible rights, such as licensing agreements, patents, copyrights and rights in the software and so on. An IBC company is also the restructuring of domestic companies and foreign companies.

The classic offshore locations including the British Virgins Islands (BVI), Belize, the Seychelles, Panama, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. Auch Gibraltar war lange Zeit Heimat vieler IBC-Gesellschaften. Gibraltar also has long been home to many of IBC companies. The Seychelles is a more recent, but very discreet alternative. In most cases, the Seychelles, Belize and the British Virgin Islands are recommended as safe founding countries.


  • AG, GmbH, Ltd., Inc., International and Corp, SA, SL Companies of any possible title: AG, GmbH, Ltd., Inc., and International Corp., SA, SL
  • guaranteed anonymity of the owners
  • No mandatory publication record
  • No double entry required
  • Protection against intangible rights (claims, etc.)
  • An IBC is a trust fund or a nominee shareholder includes
  • a legal person can be employed as Director of IBC
  • many well known companies (including shipping companies and big companies have an offshore parent company
  • An International Business Company is not obliged to publish information on directors and shareholders. Daten über Rechnungslegung, Besitz, Guthaben sind streng vertraulich Data on accounting, property, assets are strictly confidential
  • Only one shareholder or owner of the company is required.
  • The board may consist of a single member.
  • Issuance of bearer shares (non-registered shares) is usually possible
  • There is no obligation for submitting the accounts to the authorities.
  • The company enjoys a government guarantees a 100% tax exemption
  • There shall be no minimum capital
  • No obligation to conduct a general meeting
  • If a general meeting to be held, this can take place anywhere.
  • The start-up costs for a company of this kind is often much lower than for the formation of a limited company in Germany
  • The creation of an International Business Company is associated with less bureaucracy and takes maximum 2-3 weeks