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Achieve for more than 10 years, we wish our clients and establish and manage companies in more than 30 countries around the world. Our years of professional qualifications in this business makes you the leadership of a foreign company much easier.

We work in close cooperation with lawyers, notaries, tax consultants and accountants, to which we provide our clients with their needs you. Our company sees itself as a classic management consulting firm, and even performs no tax or legal advice activities. They find themselves in a circle of specialists to ensure that your company is properly established and managed.

Your confidence in our work requires us to excellence, we want you to be satisfied.

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Why set up abroad?

There may arise the question of why one should establish a European entrepreneur or start-ups in the fullness of the existence of different forms of business precisely abroad. Diese Frage lässt sich leicht beantworten: This question can be answered easily:

  • Due to the tax arrangements applicable to
  • To avoid penetration liabilities
  • To facilitate a commercial boot
  • Asset Protection
  • To obtain a free, non-repayable cash from the sale of shares
  • Anonymity
  • free choice of company name
  • No formal qualifications required to apply for U.S.
  • almost every business activity permitted
  • Restart at existing commercial ban
  • Construction of a new credit
  • Capitalization and possible IPO
  • low ongoing costs
  • Offices in your home country without the required Stammeinlagen

Nichterst since the opening of the common market in Europe there is the possibility of a foreign legal (Ltd., Inc., SA, etc.) haftungsbefreit to become active in Europe. Although each individual of the above types of companies has its own advantages and disadvantages, the main difference is in the tax prevailing in many European countries stress.

We can offer to you here a way to address the problem, as we perform for you properly set up a company abroad, or relocate an existing company abroad. Why do not you benefit from the many advantages which a contractor abroad legally be given?

Of course, a company based abroad may be active in business without any legal problems in all European countries. This has clearly reaffirmed the European Court in several recent judgments of principle and there are appropriate binding trade agreements. So there is no objection that will take necessary economic advantage of it.

Not to mention is the extremely quick handling. Weeks or months of start up times, as in Germany are excluded in the countries we offer. If desired, we arrange for the formation of your company within 48 hours. Well, your presence is not necessary. Es fallen für Sie keinerlei Behördengänge an! This fall for you no authority corridors!

Below, we want to describe to you a few of us especially recommended countries, so that you can give a little overview.

For any company formation

You will receive a complete Firmenkit (ring binders) with all important documents. Depending on the country and ordered creation of our scope of services include company formation packages to include the following services:

  • Established in establishing legal land
  • administrative capital of records
  • State Apostille (International Upper legalization)
  • Payment of all government fees
  • Position of head office / registered office (no PO Boxes)
  • State foundation certificate "Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum of the society (social contract)
  • Minutes of board meetings (minutes)
  • General Power of Attorney (Power of Attorney)
  • Register of shareholders
  • Share certificates
  • Position of Secretary (Company Secretary)
  • Position of CEO (Company Director or President)
  • Position of the member (shareholder company)
  • FCorporate Seal
  • All shipping worldwide